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Henry Breasted (A History of Egypt)

Henry Breasted, a great Egyptologist of the beginning of the last century, writes one of the first general works of Egyptian history (A History of Egypt) and on p. 305 says: "At some time during these wars Thutmose III is also found in possession of the entire oasis-region on the west of Egypt (Fig. 115). The Oasis thus became Pharaonic territory and were placed under the government of Intef, Thutmose III's herald who was a descendent of the old line of lords of Thinis - Abydos, whence the Great Oasis was most easily reached (Map 13). The oasis region remained en appanage of the lords of Thinis and became famous for its wines."

Breasted however in figure 115 reproduces a photograph of Steindorff of the oasis of Siwa. Now what he says can be true for the great oasis (Kharga and Dakhla) and also for Farafra and Bahariya where the archaeological evidences certify that they were part of the Egyptian empire already from the ancient kingdom but certainly not for Siwa of which there is no news in Egyptian texts up to the 26th Dynasty and the archaeological evidences show that in that period it kept good relations with the powerful neighbor but it was substantially independent.

Fig 115 (Siwa oasis, Probably a view of the oasis from the mountains of Dakrour) from "A History of Egypt" By Henry Breasted

The original photo by Steindorff (1904)

Map from "A History of Egypt" By Henry Breasted

James Henry Breasted (August 27, 1865 – December 2, 1935) was an American archaeologist, Egyptologist, and historian.

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