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The Egyptian conquest of Siwa wanted by Muhammad Ali in 1819.

The shipment is headed by Hassan Bey Shamashurghi who has about 2000 soldiers (Belgrave says 1300)

"The battle lasted for three hours, but the Siwans this time were no match for modern artillery. They had to yield to this superior force, and were forced to pay a tribute of some 2,000 pounds, a significant amount in those days and especially to the Siwans who had little hard currency. "

The military expedition is accompanied by many Europeans wishing to visit the Temple of the Oracle

French Consul Bernardino Drovetti Engineer Linant de Bellefonds Dr. Alessandro Ricci of Siena The soldier and sailor Giovanni Finati of Ferrara (who became Muslim and was used as an interpreter) The pharmacist Enegildo (or Ermenegildo) Frediani (of Seravezza) who then participated in the military expedition organized by Moḥammed Alī for the conquest of Sudan (1820) during quele went mad.

Some say Vincent Yves Boutin was also part of the expedition but it is unlikely and unverified.

Scientific expedition was funded by William John Bankes

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