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Byron Khun de Prorok at Siwa

During the years 1926-28, the mission led by Byron Khun de Prorok were installed for 18 months in the Siwa Oasis and explored the oasis itself and the desert around in the search for a "mythical civilization "

Pictures from: Découvertes Néolithiques dans le désert de Libye by Byron Khun de Prorok - L'Illustration - Journal Universel. 18 Aout 1928

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During the later 1920s and early 1930s, Prorok undertook a series of expeditions in Africa of dubious scientific value, pursuing ancient legends and eventually came to believe he had found evidence that proved Atlantis lay in North Africa, the true location of the fabled Biblical land of Ophir and what he supposed were the ruins of an ancient temple where Alexander the Great "became a god". In addition to these tremendous 'discoveries' he also claimed to be a member of the Order of the Holy Sepulchre, the Royal Archaeological Institute and The Royal Geographical Society. His numerous critics say that this "count" Byron de Prorok was neither a real count nor an archaeologist, was expelled from The Royal Geographical Society (allegedly in 1932), who had "a vivid imagination" and "was given to gross exaggeration". He was, however, an active member of the Adventurers' Club of New York.


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