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Umm ‘Ubayda Temple (Wenamun funerary Temple) in Siwa oasis

The first photographs available, to my knowledge, of the temple are the two taken by Hermann Burchardt on his journey to the Ammon Oasis in 1893 and recently published by Stefano Struffolino. In these photos the two walls are still standing with the three covering blocks still in place, as they were taken only by the drawings of early nineteenth-century travelers. In the two photographs of Burchardt the gateway designed by Linant de Bellefonds in 1819 is no longer visible.

Only three years after Hermann Burchardt's photographs the local Ma'mur blew up part of the remains with gunpowder for the construction of a Police Station and his House as can be seen from the photographs of Silva White made in 1896 and Georg Steindorff in 1903.


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