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Prince Farouk Hotel in Siwa Oasis 1920-40 ?

Given the interest in the Prince Farouk Hotel in Siwa in the years between the two world wars I have tried to investigate and find other information but with poor results apart from some other images taken from the film made by Baroness Ullens de Schooten's in 1926 at Siwa.

It seems that in the 1940s the hotel was still in operation as one of the photographs appears in a publication of 1942 but it is not sure (It could be a photo of previous years).

A curious thing to investigate: I also found a Hillier's Hotel in Matruh in the same period.

During the British occupation of Egypt, Siwa became a tourist attraction. Unlike the travelers of the past, who made the journey under peril, the colonialists booked trips via the Libyan Oases Association in Alexandria, owned and operated by Captain Hillier, formerly of the Frontier District Administration. Clients had a choice of a nine-day tour by rail and coach via Mersa Matruh or a month-long camel safari via Wadi Natrun and Qattara Depression. Once in Siwa, they enjoyed the comforts of the Prince Farouk Hotel, also owned by Hillier. It was a small, two-story hotel situated on a spur of Gebel al-Mawta, made of whitewashed mud brick, with red and black Bedouin rugs. Maximum occupancy was twelve guests. It also had a dining room, lounge, and veranda.


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