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LRDG in Siwa Oasis

"Long Range Desert Group" (LRDG) was a reconnaissance and raiding unit of the British Army during the Second World War.

Originally called the Long Range Patrol (LRP), the unit was founded in Egypt in June 1940 by Major Ralph A. Bagnold.

At the begin of 1941 the detached 'G' and 'Y' Patrols were based at Siwa Oasis, under command of XIII Corps. In August 1941 'R' Patrol relieved 'G' and 'Y' Patrols at Siwa and was joined by 'T' Patrol in October In November 1941 the LRDG, now under command of the newly formed Eighth Army, moved from Kufra to Siwa Oasis which became the headquarters.

After the Battle of Gazala and the fall of Tobruk, the LRDG were forced to withdraw from Siwa on 28 June 1942.

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