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The Fortress of the Sands

Information search on the Siwa Oasis in the Egyptian texts prior to the 26th Dynasty:

Georges Daressy, in a 1926 article on ASAE XVI publishes an inscription containing topographical references relating to the Libyan desert area that refer to a "Fortress of the Sands" already present in documents of the Ramesside period relating to military campaigns against the Libyans. (see texts on the Medinat Habu pylon).

Daressy identifies in this "Fortress of the Sands" the Oasis of Siwa saying that in Ramesside times, the westward expansion of Egypt is evidenced by the fortresses that Ramses II had built along the coast up to Zawyat Umm ar-Raham (the ancient Apis).

His conviction was criticized in principle by his colleagues but recently re-evaluated in light of the new certainties about the reign of Sehet-Imat

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