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Bernardino Drovetti (that visits Siwa with the conquest expedition led by Hassan Bey Shamashurgh) me

Drovetti (1776-1852) and his followers using a plumb line to measure the head. The original drawing - made in black pencil by Jean-Pierre Granger (draftsman of the Count of Forbin) in the autumn of 1818 - is in the Louvre (RF399). It should be noted that in "almost all reproductions, the shot has been reversed". Here is the interpretation that Jean-Jacques Fiechter ("La moisson des dieux - La grande aventure de l'égyptologie") gives about the characters: Bernardino Drovetti holds the plumb bob leaning against the colossal head to the left of the picture, turbaned and bearded, the Count of Forbin is the counterpart to Drovetti. Behind him, Linant de Bellefonds, wearing a turban. Lying at his feet, his young servant. On the far left, a Nubian guide. Behind Drovetti, one can recognize the energetic face of Rifaud. Two characters in Turkish costumes complete the team of French diggers: Youssef Rossignana, and, further back, the high stature of Lebolo.

From Voyage dans le Levant by the Comte de Forbin

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