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Association for the knowledge of the history of the Kingdom of Two Deserts whose political center was the oasis of Siwa.

Extension du Royaume des Deux Déserts dans la période comprise entre le 6ème et le 3ème siècle a.C.

During Pharaonic times, the Siwa oasis was the capital of a Libyan kingdom independent of Egypt.

There is now a consensus that the name of this kingdom was Sxt-jmA.t (Sétékimat). Visitors of the temple of Edfu can read this name fourth in the engraved list of the seven oases. We know that this fourth oasis is in the west of Bahrain and is in the area of the now uninhabited small oases of Sitra, Nuwemisa, Bahrain and El Areg.

And, our excavations in Bahrain, in 2003, showed that the temple that I discovered there, dated from the 30th Egyptian dynasty and had been built following the request of the same king of Siwa as the one who also built, in the oasis of Siwa, the mortuary temple of Umm Ubayda, this a few years later. So, I am deeply convinced that the fourth oasis on the Edfu list is the kingdom of Siwa since our field research has shown us that at least at the time of the last indigenous dynasty in Egypt, the small oases were part of this kingdom, of which the Siwa oasis was the capital.

This kingdom, at least in the period of maximum splendor between the reigns of Sutekhirdis and Wenamun, had a huge extension including the "two deserts", as engraved in the temples of Siwa, that is to say the desert area to the east of Siwa, at least up to the oasis of Sitra and Ain Dalla near the oasis of Farafra and in the west part up to the Libyan oasis of Jarabub.

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One of the major goals of our association was achieved on November 6, 2020. It is the opening of the Black Lions Library, located in the historic center of the Siwa Oasis.


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