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Graffito of 1899 engraved by Baron Von Grünau at Gebel Dakhrur

In the last few days I took a walk on the mountain of Dakhrur in search of the graffito with the name of Cailliaud seen by some of the travelers of the last century in one of the "Speoi" of the second peak of the Dakhrur called by the Siwans "Tin al-Fifan".

The search was vain as the previous times but on the other hand I found a graffito of 1899 engraved by Baron Von Grünau that I had not seen the previous times. This is not reported by any traveler as far as I know.

Von Leutnant Freiherr Von Grünau published an account of his trip to Siwa in 1899 in: Bericht über maine Reise nach Siwah.

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